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A Little Bit About How We Started

In 2015, we decided to pursue our passion for coding and started OOPIX, a web design and software development agency.

After a few months of building websites for our customers, we realised:

“Hey, that’s not right. Websites shouldn’t only look good, we should also help businesses generate more revenue!”

In the next couple of months, we learnt, practised and tested. Thereafter, we started our mission to help businesses get more leads and customers by through their websites.

What does OOPIX mean?

The double O which makes up the logo means infinity. PIX stands for passion, innovation and extraordinary.

Together, OOPIX signifies:

Infinite passion and innovation with extraordinary results.

At OOPIX, we want to ensure that everyone is passionate about what they do and going the extra miles to bring extraordinary results for our customers. No matter what we are working on, we want to encourage everyone to innovate with the latest technology available.

Our Founding Pixels

Liu Ruting


Ong Jie Ying (Jane)



It's Our 3rd Birthday!

It’s Our Birthday!

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