It's Our 3rd Birthday!

It’s Our Birthday!

It has been three years since our small humble business started.

We haven’t been too ambitious and have been keeping it small. By keeping it small, we can always ensure good quality websites are delivered to our customers.

Personally, I like to play a major part in all my clients’ WordPress website. After all, it is my passion.

Quality Guarantee

Over the past one year, we have launched FlexiTerm and upgraded customers on our servers to better servers on Flywheel.

We reviewed our business and decided to change some ways we do things to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

(We like to be flexible.)

Moving forward, we have plans to automate some processes to bring more value to our customers and shorten waiting time.

Other than payment by bank transfer (including PayNow) and cheque, we will also be introducing payment by credit cards and PayPal.

Rebates anyone?

(Hurray for reward points and rebates!)

I will round this short post off with a big thank you and shout out to all our customers for the support and business.

To a better world and beyond! Ciao!


Ong Jie Ying (Jane)

Jane is the co-founder of OOPIX Web Design. She has more than five years of experience in designing and developing WordPress websites.

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