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New Website, New Blog

In the current era where the digital world is transforming at an alarming rate, websites have to be reviewed and kept up to date with the latest trend and technology to stay relevant and appeal to the visitors.

In this latest version of our website, we did a total revamp. We recommend reviewing your website at least once a year to see if the design, user interface and experience are still relevant. It might not be necessary for a total website revamp, your website might just need some edits here and add new functionalities there.

We are also starting this new blog to provide useful information and resources to you as well as to bring you updates about OOPIX. Join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus to be updated when we have new articles here!

See you around!

Ong Jie Ying (Jane)

Jane is the co-founder of OOPIX Web Design. She has more than five years of experience in designing and developing WordPress websites.

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